Customer Experience - The Framework

Developing The Elusive Perfect UX

Everyone is aiming to achieve customer excellence and centricity. That is no trivial thing. Especially in a world of almost infinite channels. This framework ensures it's properly and rigorously considered. This is the high level explanation of the critical dimensions we need to consider.

The Customer Experience Framework contains 9 Modules. The following order explains the sequence within which we start to understand the context, the current reality

The 9 Modules In More Detail

The Critical Thinking Required

Scroll or click through each of the modules below to get a sense of the structured logic. Think of them as interconnected conversations between the team - with no outcome or bias in mind. There are many supplementary elements to this but this framework gets us to consider the baseline and from there we can build.

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Think of these as in depth conversations that relate to each other across and within the framework as a whole

    1. The Dynamics - What is going on in the marketplace?
    2. The Touch-Points - What are the critical points (channels) through which we can create great experiences for our consumers?
    3. The Moments Of Truth - What are the opportunities (in the lives of our key consumers) that we can most help or support?
    4. The Value Propositions - What is the core essence, the simple and most valuable story that sums up our difference in the eyes of the customer?
    5. The Experience Design - How can we now combine everything we know about the consumer - their needs and expectations - and the dynamics of their and the wider world so that we create compelling experiences?
    6. The Portfolio of Offers - What does our service, product or solution portfolio need to be to support and delight the consumers that we want?
    7. Service Principles - Our standards of service and the values we need to deliver through every touch point and experience we create?
    8. Customer Satisfaction Metrics - The measures and metrics of success demanded by our customers and us if we are to achieve success?
    9. Clear Intentions - What is it that we are aiming to achieve? Does everything within the framework line up to these outcomes?