How to make your Tackk picture perfect.


New feature: custom photo background

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Imagine what you could say with a Tackk on top of that picture. (That's the sound of minds blowing.) Our latest feature, custom photo background, lets you do just that.

You can use a photo background to add dimension to your Tackk, a personal touch, spot-on color or even just a sense of place. Use that background in coordination with images on your Tackk to take your message to a whole new level. Here's how.

How to add a photo background.

1. Create a new Tackk or open an existing Tackk (yes, you can add custom photo backgrounds to Tackks you've already created!).

2. In the editor panel on your right, select the fourth tab, Tackk Options. Ah, there it is: Photo Background.

3. To upload a photo from your computer, click in the box that says Upload Photo. Select a file from your computer and click Open. Tackk will upload your photo and show it on the background of your Tackk.

4. You can add blur to your background image by toggling-ON Photo Blur. Remove blur by toggling-OFF Photo Blur.

5. Don't love your background image? Replace it. Hover over the thumbnail in the editor panel. Click the garbage can icon to remove it.

Tips for making it look amazing.

  • Size-wise, bigger is better. 960px is a good baseline.
  • Use images that have interesting or irresistible textures.
  • Consider how images ON and behind your Tackk interact.
  • Don't let the background distract from photos ON your Tackk.
  • Adjust your font and color palette to go with your background.
  • Photo blur can help quiet a too-busy background image.
  • Add graphical interest: layer patterns on photos.
  • If a photo isn't right, try others or stick to palettes and patterns.