Using Instructional Videos

Keeping teacher talk to a minimum and providing hands on and small group opportunities is a key focus in our classrooms. How can we still share the important information with our students and furnish reteach lessons that meet the students needs? Many teachers question the loss of checks for understanding when flipping classroom lessons. With new Web 2.0 tools, it is possible to have those checks for understanding embedded within your flipped videos.

The Basics: is an extension within Google Drive that allows students to import a video from Youtube and then as they watch it take notes on what they are seeing and hearing. This would be great for high school and college students because the video is linked to each post within the notes.  Simply clicking on a line of notes takes the video to that section. On campus use may be restricted because of campus firewalls blocking Youtube.

Monitoring and assessing student understanding within videos

There are many ways to assess student understanding while they view videos.  If a flipped classroom is truly being used so that the students could watch the videos at home or in small groups at school, using a web tool that will periodically question the students furnishes the teacher with a wealth of information.  

Edpuzzle is a quick and easy resource to use to upload your own videos or videos from other resources and customize them for your students.  You can create voice overs, a variety of questions, and edit the videos to remove portions you don't need.  Within Edpuzzle you can create classes and assign the videos to specific classes.  From there you can monitor student progress. Students join by being given a class code.

Teachers will find that when beginning to use Edpuzzle  it is helpful to take half of one class period to take time to have the students sign up for Edpuzzle and to get connected to the class using the code.   

Demonstrating to the students how Edpuzzle works by the teacher signing up as a student gives them a clearer understanding of how Edpuzzle will assess them.  A practice class has been set up for our TCEA conference so feel free to join the class and see what the students will see.

The best part of Edpuzzle is if a campus is using it, the students can sign up for each of their individual classes if they have the code. This gives them one place to access all classes. One of the great advantages of Edpuzzle is that it works on iOS devices. So when using BYOT in the classroom, students can download the APP and sign up quickly in class.

  • As one teacher said about using Edpuzzle, "It is great that I can come in each day and see which question the students had the most difficulty with the night before, that is were I will start my class discussion the next day."
  • Another teacher in BISD said, "My students have made comments about going back and watching the videos one more time before a test. They are focused on directing their own learning."
  • An bilingual teacher in BISD stated, "I like that I can create voice overs in Spanish for my students, while the text is written in English."

Zaption is different because the teacher shares it through a link to the class.  The students join and can watch the video at their own pace.  But the video will pause when a question appears.  The students cannot go on until they have answered the question.  Zaption doesn't require the students to have an account.  When they go to the link furnished from the teacher, they will be asked to furnish their name.  This way data will be saved from the student's responses to the video. Zaption also has an App for the iPad, the students can click on the button to play the tour without logging in.  One of the difficulties is that Zaption uses Youtube linked videos and if your district has a strong firewall, Zaption will be blocked.

The white lines in the play bar represent where questions are embedded during the video.

Your Turn to Create a Video Lesson

Choose one of these online resources to set up your account.  Then create your own video lesson.

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