"The Woman in the Snow"
Inference Chart

As you read "The Woman in the Snow", take notes about ideas that you can infer from information you get from the third person omniscient narrator (the storyteller knows what all the characters are thinking and feeling).

This means you have to do a close reading, to read carefully.  Ask yourself regularly, "What did that mean?"  When you ask this, make a chart with quotes from the story.

Then read a bit more, and add new information.  Add to your chart how this new information changed your inference.

Start with the title.  What do you infer the story will be about from the title?  Put this as the first entry in your blog.  Then add to it as we read.  

You should have at least five quotes and five inferences by the end of the story.  Be sure to include the page numbers for all your quotes.

Use this format:

Initial Inference       (Add the quote and page) Your first one will be the title, and what you infer about it.

New Information     (Add the quote and page) (Here's where you say to yourself, "Oh, this is the same as what I thought", or "Oh, this is different than what I thought."

New Inference          (Say if your thoughts have changed, and if so, how)