Most of the houses in Mexico are small and have only one bedroom. The houses are made of brick. The ceilings are made of concrete. A lot of houses do not have a back yard and only have a drive way for only one car. People put metal bars on their windows and doors to protect themselves from vandalism. 


Most of the people in Mexico have strong religion beliefs. They pray a lot to Saints. One of the main Saints they have is the Virgen de Guadalupe. They celebrate her every 12 of December. Mexicans have beautiful and old Churches. 


Mexicans have a great variety of foods. One of the most popular foods are called Tamales, enchiladas, tacos, and mole. Most of the people in Mexico like spicy foods. The main spicy food is chile or salsa. Their drinks are very refreshing because they are made of natural fruits and they are called Aguas Frescas.


Education in Mexico is low, not too many people go through High School. Some times people in small towns do not have the money to pay for education. Most of schools in Mexico do not have air conditioning and heaters. Schools are made of brick and concrete. Students in Mexico go only from 4 to 5 hours a day to school.


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