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Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islamic

i will be explaining what nine different religions such as Christianity and Hinduism and Buddhism just to name a few.

  • one interesting fact:
  • you will find that alot of these are the same.


the animism religion is that nature should be respected and valued

the animism culture started in Africa and it always stayed in Africa. They worshiped nature and they're ancestors.

they believed that everything has a spirte
  • two interesting info:
  • to please they're ancestors they would sacrifice thing
  • they are the oldest religion


they are like animism

they started in japan and they stay in japan

they believe that the spirit of Kami lives in all things and that includes their emperor. they have a great respect for their natural world and especially their emperor in the past.

this is there symbol
  • one interesting fact:
  • they believe that the spirit they worships name is kami


they are polythesistic meaning many gods

they started in India and they stay in India.

they believed in many gods. And they believed in reincarnation karma and Dharma

Dharma: a set of rules that they live by in order to get good karma

karma: if they followed Dharma and they lead a good life they can reincarnate into a higher being

reincarnation: after you die and if you have good karma by following dharma you can reincarnate into a higher being until you reach perfection is reached

their gods name is Shiva. this god has many faces as seen in the picture above

they also had a holy text known as the Veda.

  • one interesting fact:
  • they worship cows because the god Shiva can show up on a cow


this religion started in India but didn't stay in India it traveled to south Asia and stayed there and it also traveled to china then from there it traveled to Korea and then from there it went to japan and stopped there.the reason it didn't stay in India was because Hinduism was already there and everyone like it.

how this religion started was because a prince there was lock in the palace because his parents thought he wouldn't need anything these and he wanted to know what laid beyond the walls of this palace. so he left one night and went on his journey and met a poor man an sick man and a dying man and after that he sat under a tree and thought about what to do and what he came up with is end your suffering. he then called himself Buddha.

to achieve greatness people had to end their suffering and to then end suffering they had to end their desiring.

  • one interesting fact:
  • they followed the four noble truths which explain suffering more


ying and yang

Taoism started in china and and stayed there

this isn't really a religion its more of a philosophy due ti the fact its mostly about nature and man and woman heaven and the underworld its just a balanced. they have a holy text its call Tao Te Ching

  • interesting fact:
  • they have a great respect for there elders and especially there emperor


Confucianism started in china. they stayed in china by confuses.

it is a ethical philosophy. (ethical- morally good)

you will find that this religion is a lot like Taoism but this is like a social classification. like

  • Father to Son
  • Husband to Wife
  • Elder Brother to Younger Brother
  • Friend to Friend

their holy book was Analects and it explains more than what i can.

  • one interesting fact:
  • Confucius was not a god but a philosopher but was highly respected


Judasim started in the middle east specifically in Jerusalem. and then they stayed there for awhile and then the Romans forced them to leave and this was called Diaspora which means to be forced out. that's how the religion spread. the believe that god would send them a messiah (savior) that would help them go to heaven.

Torah was their holy text. which is in the bible alittle.

  • an interesting fact:
  • they are monotheistic



Christianity was started in the middle east and specifically in Jerusalem. Christ was Jewish by birth but then he adopted in Christianity and everyone believed he was a messiah and he was the son of god. when he died the Romans out him on a cross and left him their to die. after that the Romans started to like Christianity and adopted that and spread the word by missioners and military conquest and trade. they believed in the 10 commandments

they have a holy book and its know as the bible

  • one interesting fact
  • this religion was found in the 1st century


started in the middles east and stayed there and dispel was Mohammed. they have to pray five times a day toward the place that it started which was mecca and they have to recite that there god Allah is the only god and stuff like that. there holy book was Tanakh.

  • one interesting fact
  • is that the women have to keep there face covered

one more thing the last three are all monotheistic and are all pretty much the same.

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