Americans may not care about

Americans may not care about soccer unless the U.S. team is in the World Cup, but gamers care about their FIFA 15.

The most recent in a series of EA FIFA-themed games, FIFA 15 was released on September 23 of this year. The game generally got good reviews, but a number of bugs have surfaced early in the game.
While NESN has focused on a bug that can turn goalies into giant green armless monsters, of more concern to most players was a bug that arose in the early weeks as players attempted to trade characters in both the EA Sports Football Club and the FIFA Ultimate Team Hub Transfer Market on the web. These issues were originally posted by Xbox 360 and Xbox One users, according to Latin Post, but some PS4 and PC users have also reported issues. The official EA announcement on October 20 was that the trading features would be disabled while teams worked to resolve the issues.