Mrs. Collins

Teacher of Amazingness

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but raised in the great state of Arizona!

My hometown

In Chandler, Arizona, I attended Pomeroy Elementary School from Kindergarten to 6th grade. I loved going to school here, it was in my neighborhood and could walk to school. I cheered for the awesome Pomeroy Panther's Basketball team.

Pomeroy Elementary School

Growing up, I loved watching the Phoenix Suns! We had season tickets that my brothers and I fought over constantly. We also had season tickets for Arizona Cardinals football, but had one for all of us, so it was a big family event every Sunday home game.

Charles Barkley

I went to Hendrix Junior High School, from 7th-9th grade. I played many sports for the Huskies: tennis, track, and dance. We loved having the extra year being in a Junior High, instead of going to High School as Freshmen.

Hendrix 1996 Yearbook

For High School, I attended the best school possible, Dobson High School, in Mesa, Arizona! Go Stangs!

Map of Dobson High School

The land for my High School was donated in the late 1970s by Mr. Dobson. There was a need for another school in the area, but no money available and no land they could use. Before donating the land, Mr. Dobson used this land to raise Mustangs. The school was named after him, and the mascot became The Mustangs in honor of its previous use. To this day, the Dobson family is the number 1 benefactor of the school.

After High School, I attended The University of Arizona, receiving my bachelor's degree in Amazingness!

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