The beautiful city of Atlanta

The Piedmont is a perfect place for manufactures and tourism. Businesses for manufacturing are like Delta and Toyota. Entertainment is Six flags or Coca Cola World. With a population of 4.5 million people we should have plenty business opportunities.

The Piedmont climate   

The climate of the Piedmont has hot summers and cold winters. Their are plenty of activities to do during the different climate changes. Some activities to do in the winter are the World of Coke and the aquarium. In the summer you could go to six flags or to white water.  

Business and Manufacturing  

If you are looking to invest in a business Toyota, Nissan, and Delta are successful manufactures to invest in.  The town of Elberton " The Granite capital of the World" has been an important industry in this region for years. Important cities in this region are Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, and Macon which helps with the agriculture and poultry industry. A very successful poultry business is Chick- Fil-a it has had over millions of customers and was founded in Hapeville,Georgia.

Physical Features and Geography

The Piedmont land is perfect for  planting and harvesting different things.Our most know products are peaches and poultry. It was once the home of many cotton plantations; today cars and airplanes are built here in the Piedmont.  

Physical Features

The fall line is what separates the Piedmont and the costal plain. The Chattahoochee river furnished hydroelectric power, it also provides drinking water to Georgians for generations, and delivered power to textile mills. The Savannah river transports goods into and out of Georgia's interior.

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