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The first 2 minutes, not far from Anderson, death-defying scramble made Robinson cleared Nani the ball after a cross from the left, Rooney header to get Berbatov 6-yard grab a smoke break in his right foot, Manchester United 1-0, it was Berbatov's first goal since the September 19. The 11 minute, Nani Dain of the area 12 yards around a left-footed shot after the break no power, Robinson got the ball on 14 minutes, fifa coins cheap Blackburn's tactics of corner kick into the penalty area, not far from Park JI-Sung headed out, Nelson area right flank cross, Guhren 10-yard header too. On 19 minutes, tackles in the Samba area cleared almost an own goal. The 23 minute, Park JI-Sung and Wayne Rooney kicks the wall after the run into the area and Korea who face attack Robinson, left rib 10-yard Jet broke Manchester United 2-0 on 23 minutes, Carrick flip pass area, Nani put anti-offside but slightly slower on the half beat. 27 minutes, chimbanda Rooney, closing down next time, transmission errors, Berbatov pole right their shot from 12 yards after the ball left corner broke Manchester United 3-0. The first 31 minutes, saerjiaduola down Park JI-Sung received a yellow card. Nani's free kick into the penalty area on the left side, Nemanja Vidic header from 6 yards to get the next, hit the ball off the line in the right column on 35 minutes, Rooney was injured in the tackle had to undergo treatment, but not a big issue. On 41 minutes, Rafael balls in midfield, Nani attempts to strike higher. 1 minute in injury time, h feet flying shovels Diouf Patrice Evra, he was lucky enough to get a yellow card. 2 minute in injury time, Dimitar Berbatov in the area people tripping over Nielsen, referee does not represent. End of the first half, United's 3-0 lead in the second half begins, the 47thMinutes, Berbatov play, Nani's run into the area right flank cross after Akira chimbanda, unguarded Dimitar Berbatov put right their shot from 10 yards on a hat-trick Manchester United 4-0. The first 48 minutes, andesenzhisai area, Nani put on hold the ball past chimbanda Dain left foot slanted cross 10 yards after scoring Manchester United 5-0. Nani excitedly to a somersault after a goal on 52 minutes, after Blackburn used the three substitutions places surrendered. On 60 minutes, cross under the right breakthrough Nani, Berbatov and Patrice Evra after Rob together failed to interfere with each other when facing an empty net goal. On 62 minutes, nanizhisai, Rafael insert Dain of the area return, JI-Sung Park put under a 10-yard shot was blocked by Defender, Dimitar Berbatov 8-yard shot at an empty net score Manchester United 6-0. On 64 minutes, Evans replaced Nemanja Vidic, 70th minute, Anderson Road, straight after the break attracted cover Berbatov area right flank cross by Defender turned back while shaking the keeper, small angle to push Berbatov homeopathic Dain 6 yards an empty net scored the fifth goal, Manchester United 7-0 lead. On 73 minutes, obertan substitute Park JI-Sung. Subsection 80 minutes, daweidengen midfielder free kick hanging into area, Samba header no power, Edwin van der SAR get ball, he fast serve counterattack, Rooney passing, obertan pole protruding into the area 8 yards at poke shot was Robinson block out bottom line subsection 83 minutes, Morris opened left corner, Samba 8 yards at header goal playing in beam Shang pop-up, rescue Hou Morris left took ball cross, Samba 6 yards at beat Evans header top into left Shang angle, United 7 1. The 84 minute, Nani's pass, Rafael Dain their shot 10 yards high. On 89 minutes, Rooney's cross from the right flank, Berbatov's header from 6 yards goal, Robinson struggled to stand out. Ultimately, United's 7-1 rout.