Anorexia nervosa

Are you anorexic? Do you want to know how to save yourself?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where people (usually females) won't eat because they think they weigh to much and don't feel as liked as "skinny" people.

Some symptoms would be:

They refuse to weigh an average weight of someone their age/ height

Amenorrhea, the absence of three consecutive menstrual cycles

Scared to gain even the smallest amount of weight

Obvious or rapid weight loss

Soft and fine hair growing on your face and/or body

Cut food into tiny pieces, refuse to eat around others, or won't eat at all

Taking pills or going on constant diets to lose more weight


Bad breath from not eating

Hair loss

Some ways to stop being anorexic is to eat foods with more calories. This will start to help you gain more weight to be healthier and also help some important organs in your body. If your'e underweight, it is very important to gain weight because if you lose to much weight, you will die soon.

By: Brooklyn Goldsmith and Samantha Graham

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