SA, A, D, SD

I agree that being loyal to your family is important but I don't strongly agree. I don't strongly agree because family isn't always right all the time and sometimes the other person is more right then your family. I think I agree because family is really important  and you would want and like too stand by your family no matter what but sometimes family can be wrong too that's why I agree and not strongly agree.

I disagree with "everybody should follow the law" because some of the laws are not fair. Like if someone gets into a fight but only because someone else hit that person then that's self-defense but the police doesn't wanna hear what they have too say. They just take them too a jail cell for a night or two. I do not agree with everyone should follow the law because every law isn't right.

I strongly agree with "Power corrupts those who have it" because it's very true. People with money or people more known think that they are better then the people who don't have lots of money or who isn't known as much. I think once you get power you forget who you were before you gained all of that power.

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