Module 102 Assignment

Jordan Kent

My University 110E classroom from the Fall Semester. (Photo Credit: Jordan Kent)

Electronic White Board

Electronic Whiteboards, such as SMART boards and Promethean boards, can be useful in a variety of ways because they blend the uses of a computer and a dry erase board into one. They minimize the time teachers spend with their back turned to students, as well as promote academic and digital learning (Five Ways that Smart Boards are a Smart Choice in the Classroom). The SMART board seen in the top left corner of this picture however, was not very useful in our University 110 class. We did not use it frequently because of it's placement. It is placed in such a way that half the class would not be able to see the fullscreen. Also, the teacher's podium is blocking vision for the whole class until it is moved. It was also not relevant in a college class because classes are not designed to have class participation, but merely a lecture-note taking style.

Projector and Projector Screen

Seen at the very top of the photo is the projector, and at the middle of the photo you can locate the projector screen. These technological advances go hand in hand. The projector that is in sync with the computer displays the computer screen, on a much larger scale in front of the class. This was extremely relevant in our class and was used on a day to day basis. In a college classroom environment most professors display power points on the projector screen, to go alongside their lecture. This is exactly what our professor did. He would start the day by displaying the tentative schedule, objectives, and warm-up. Also, most of our activities on the schedule involved the Projector and Screen.

Electronic CINO Card Attendance

Seen right above the hard drive is the CINO Card Attendance Swipe Machine. Students would walk in everyday, swipe their CINO card, and then hava a seat. This had it's benefits. It was harder for kids to not show-up and go unnoticed, and it also got rid of human error. However, the card reader did not detect at ID every time, therefore it was not very helpful. It ended up taking more time than calling out the role. It was relevant in the class because it did keep attendance records, and we did frequently use it.

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