Party on 5th Ave is my favorite song

The song that im doing is party on 5th ave. Party on 5th ave is by American hip hop artist Mac Miller.

I did this song because I like partying. :) More other songs by Mac Miller are knock knock, and smile back. This album name is blue slide park. This song was digitally released october 11, 2011 along with the accompanying music video. This songs video is featured by Mac Miller and his crew dressed as elderly people, complete with motor scooters and canes. The video was directed by Lan Wolfson.  I think this is an important song because...well its not realy important except for the fact that i like partying. This is a cool song because it was meant to be an old school rap song so thats why they dressed up as elderly men. The length of this song is two minutes and fifty five seconds.

The writers of this song are, Hank Ballard, Malcome Mccormick AKA Mac Miller, Erin Dan, Charles, Sperling, and Jeremy kulousk. The song entered the Bill board hot 100 chart at #64 on November 10, as well as reaching #4 on the Top heatseekers charts respectively. The song was retreived on itunes on november 11 a month after it was released digitally. This song is a four star performance. Mac Miller has bean rapping since he was six years old. He made his first mixtape when he was 12 years old, and it was called watching movies with the sound off. I know it is a weird name for a song but i've never listened to it.


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