7 Things You Don't Need To know About Me

I love speedway and racing and i am going to race in a mini stock soon! I go to the speedway  every week that its on

I love rugby because it is a great game to play and when you are angry you can take your anger out on the people that you tackle.

I'm a surfer! Its a great sport to do, you feel so free when you are riding the wave. I go surfing as much as I can.

I have an awesome dog called Timmy (Tim Tam). I have had him for 6 years he is fast. He barks like mad but its good because its like a guard dog!

I am an expensive freak because I want all the top of the line stuff like swag stuff and just well expensive stuff.

I always listen to music! Music is awesome because it makes you feel awesome!

I'm good at X country because i am good at keeping my energy and keeping my pace!

Here is my video. it is about speedway because I love the speedway. Watch the video from the 20 minutes part. It awesome!

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