5th Grade Social Studies
Third 9 Weeks at a Glance

5th Graders at Curtsinger discuss the documents during the Constitution DBQ.

Industrial Revolution-Early 20th Century

The Third 9 weeks covers many years of our nation's history in some fun ways.  Included in our mentor lessons are three Reader's Workshop Lessons over the Industrial Revolution and the Civil War.  These lessons incorporate the Leveled-Text cards that are found in your Teacher Created Materials boxes.  (There is also a CD in the box that has fun songs, master copies, and even more resources!)

There is also a great Nystrom Atlas lesson to teach students about the growth of transportation in our nation, specifically in regards to the Transcontinental Railroad.  

A favorite of students is WWI.  In this unit, students will learn why the US enters the war and what impact we had on the outcome.  Students will use summarizing skills to create a storyboard of their learning.  

The 9 weeks wraps up with a Law Related Education style Dinner Party.  Students learn about important people of the 20th Century and determine the seating arrangement for the party as well as the topics of conversation for these important people.  

Want to learn more about these topics?

Use these links below if you want to deepen your own knowledge on these topics.


April 9, 2015 will mark the 150th Anniversary of the Surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee to the Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, effectively ending the American Civil War.

Constitution DBQ

Please email a couple student samples of the final DBQ product to Meridith Manis.  We are using them to determine ways to support the DBQ and to hold vertical discussions on next steps.  Also, if you adapted or modified the DBQ to support your students, please share those ideas as well.  We want to continue to improve on our process to ensure success of students.

Textbook Adoption Update

There is still time to submit your feedback on adoption materials.  You should have materials from Pearson and Teacher Created Materials.  As a team, please evaluate the resources and provide us with your feedback.  Textbook Committee members are meeting with the publishers later this month and can use your input in our discussions.  If you have additional comments regarding the resources, please send them directly to Meridith Manis.  


Great Things Happening!

Please send us pictures of the great things you are doing in Social Studies.  We love highlighting what you do to make social studies both fun and meaningful!