Five Pairs of Foot-gear best for Sports

Selecting the right pair of shoes is necessary if you are a sports enthusiast, but you need to remember that not every shoe is meant for the same kind of exercise. Also, it is extremely important to know your foot type. Some people have flat feet and if they do not purchase the right pair of shoes, it results in strain on the knees specifically. High arched feet are prone to injuries during sport activities because they are poor on absorbing shock. Thus, you need to make sure you know your foot type before making a purchase. Do you know which one (pair) is right for you? Well, here is a list of sport shoes and workout shoes that you can choose from.

Walking shoes:

Walking shoes are high on flexibility due to the fact that they allow an easy movement of the feet. It is a great investment if you enjoy this physical activity.

Running Shoes:

A pair of good running shoes will need to have the following qualities: flexibility, the right cushioning and space for the toes to breathe. Thus, in order to buy one, you need to be absolutely sure of your foot type. Also, the distance between the toe and the top part of the shoe needs to be enough so that your toe is protected as and when you run.

Sport Training Shoes:

These sport shoes for women are quite different from the usual walking or running shoes. Known as cross trainers, their soles are wider with additional support for the heels which helps protect the feet from minor injuries.


In order to cycle, one needs shoes that have a stiffer sole to facilitate easy peddling. This is in order to ensure that you don’t experience foot cramps.

Barefoot shoes

Created by light weight material, barefoot shoes have separate pockets for each foot finger. Thus after you wear these shoes, you might feel you aren’t wearing shoes but walking barefoot. But not all can experiment with these shoes since it may also cause injury if your foot type isn’t accustomed to this kind of a workout. Thus before purchasing this one, you need to consult your doctor.

So what are you waiting for? Know your foot type and grab a pair of sport shoes which suits your needs the most. Workout is the best possible solution to keep ill health at bay.