20A.D.-- Present Day: Started in India

Buddhism was created in India by a troubled man. One day, while fasting under a tree he realized, that all the sufferings in his life were caused by his desires. So he decided to end his suffering by ending his desires. He ended his desires by following The Eight Fold Path. He then changed his name to Buddha. Buddhism was quickly forced out of India by Hinduism and the Caste System. Buddhism spread into China, and from there into Japan and Korea. It also spread into Southeast Asia. Another Buddhist belief is The Four Truths. The first truth is everyone suffers. The second is that suffering is caused by having desires. The third is to end your suffering, you have to end your desires. And lastly, to end your desires, you must follow The Eight Fold Path. The eight parts are to have the right view on life, the right intentions, right speech, right actions, right livelihood, right efforts, right mindfulness, and the right concentrations. To receive this rightfulness, Buddhists often meditate, or clear all thought from their minds.

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