Effects of Technology

Causing People to Be Obsessed
Causing Teenagers to Skip Homework
Causing Everyone to be Obsessed

Global Impact?

There's always new technology developing. Most people in the world are becoming obsessed with the newest update.

Changes occurring in business because of technology?

Most of the minor phone companies, for an example, are declining. Phone companies that are not Apple/iPhone, Android, and Samsung Galaxy are having a hard time making profit.

Advantages to the newer technology?

Newer technology is much more updated. It also gives us an eye into the future of technology, and that's pretty cool.

Do risks and advantages outweigh each other?

Yes, advancements in technology have pros and cons. It's newer and more updated, but sometimes people become too obsessed.

Why is the global impact on technology changing the world?

Almost everyone is involved and crazy over technology. They're always waiting for the newest update.

What are some changes that's happened within the past few years with regards to technology?

iPhones have gotten lighter and more high-tech. Computers are excelling with new versions. Some of the versions include a setting where the computer can change into a tablet and you can disconnect the keyboard.

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