Jason Clarke is Stenz in the movie

When the propane tank explodes and he goes flying in the air. It explains newtons 1st law,When there is action there is an equal force and opposite reaction. When the propane tank explodes because of the shooting it causes Stenz to fly back. Because when they are shooting the tank it is at rest but then it is acted upon by an unbalanced force (the bullet).


When Stenz shoots the rocket launcher it uses the conservation of energy. When he shoots the helicopter the bullet uses conservation of energy. Because the farther the bullet goes the more it loses kinetic energy. So when hey shoots the rocket launcher its high but when it hits the helicopter, it has less kinetic the when it is shoot.

When stenz and john get in a fight on the roof and the press room. It explains Newtons second law. Because when you push against something there is a force that pushes back on you. So when they are fighting they have equal forces acting on each other, which makes newtons 2nd law.

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