Home Front Tackk

Steve Rogers age 18



April 13 of 1863

I live with Peggy Carter and she was stationed at Florida.

I went to go get fire wood. I went hunting. When I got done hunting I made breakfast. Then I went out to take care of my slaves. Later I went to help the army with cleaning the guns. Then I gave them some cotton for uniforms. I repaired my house. I made sure all my slaves were locked up.

Dear Peggy,

I was wondering if you were at the battle of bull run and if you were ok. They said the battle was bad so I wanted to see if you went there. I hope your ok and if so please write me back soon.                

                                                                                                         With love, Steve

I went out to check for any mail. Then I came back inside and stoked the fire.I went to the military base and help serve the solders food. Then I cleaned there dishes so they would not get nasty. I reloaded all the rifles that were empty also.

Dear Steve,

I am ok. I did not go to the battle of bull run. The battle was tragic many people were ether killed or wounded. I participated in the battle of Philippi It was a hard fought battle.

                                                                                                    With love Peggy

That is what the letter had to say we were all happy she was ok but terrified she would go to battle again.

I woke up one day and the newspaper said president Lincoln was assassinated. The president could not be assassinated I thought to myself. I wondered why he got shot what did he do wrong.

Then I kept reading the newspaper and it told me all about why he was killed.They even knew the gun that was used to kill him. I guess they caught the killer if they knew what gun he used.

I was freaked out so I got out of bed and got dressed. I had to go talk to my neighbor to see what happened. He said that it really did happen. I felt like if the president was killed then know body else is safe.

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