Gamal Abdel Nasser

By: Summer Maccubbin and Joshua Chow

The Takeover

  • King Farouk of Egypt was the last king and British puppet.
  • Gamal Abdel Nasser took over by over throwing the king.
  • The military was highly involved in this political revolution.
  • Held control by scapegoating the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Called them Communists.
  • Forced the Muslim Brotherhood underground.
  • Promoted Cold War neutralism

Superpowers Conflict

  • Egypt was a leading representative candidate for the Arab world
  • Did not want Israel to be formed.
  • Thought Israel represented the Europeans still had an unfair grasp in the Middle East.
  • Good at playing the US off the USSR and vice versa.
  • Able to get what he wanted from the two superpowers to benefit Egypt.
  • Even gave aid to Algeria to fight off the French as a way to prove his dedication to nationalism.

Suez Crisis

  • Began after the British started to move out of Egypt
  • The Egyptian government seized he Suez Canal.
  • Egypt's plan was to use profits of the Suez Canal for building another dam on the Nile river.
  • This came after the one the British built when they were in control
  • The French, British, and Israeli forces came to keep the Suez Canal multinational.
  • The US condemned this and backed Egyptian control
Arab Defense Pact Signing 1957


  • Established a regional defense pact with Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Jordan
  • Seen as a threat to pro-western nations in the region
  • Nationalized British and French assets in Egypt
  • Popular among the Islamic states
  • Imagined as the leader for the region, the speaker for Islamic states
  • Wanted to present an independent unified Arab World
  • Became extremely close to Syria, joining to form United Arab Republic
  • Added Yemen as a sovereign state
  • Iraqi monarch is overthrown and many support the union of UAR and Iraq

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