What is the greatest challenge facing 8th graders today?

Time Management

-There are many challenges that 8th graders must face. But, in my opinion, time management is probably their greatest challenge.

-8th graders have to face their first school year where they actually have to work hard and study some of the time. But, they are often some of the laziest age group that do not manage their time very well.


-There are many distractions for 8th graders like video games, Netflix, phones, and more that prevent them from doing the things that they should be doing.

-NorthTexasKids.com states, "An amazing thing happens when we sit down and look at what is killing their homework efficiency; they realize their phone and computer are the culprits. Texting friends, Facebook, and Youtube tend to be the biggest time wasters."


-Coronado High School states, "Students have very busy schedules and are more focused on extracurriculars activities, unfortunately this leaves less time to focus on homework and studying. They are distracted by television, video games, cell phones, and social media. Procrastination affects over twenty percent of the population and is on the rise. Research shows that it has more than quadrupled in the last thirty years."

-This High School article explains how procrastination and time management is a problem and is becoming more of a problem over the years due to distractions.


-So, it is very clear that time management is a great problem for 8th graders. In my opinion it is the greatest problem. But, what are some ways this problem can be solved?

-To manage time wisely and get things done you can try these suggestions: Get work done before fun activities, do not wait until the last minute to do your work, always be productive, get involved in after school activities, and don't waste time on distractions.