In this country we are very  proud of our basketball.

Brief History

    This country was founded by the best basketball player in the world,Michael Jordan. He was looking for a new land to be get a challenge. Finally, he founded it in 1999 and began making  a league to look for the worlds best basketball players. Every four years the best players in every country compete against each other, but since Michael Jordan made the country NBA we always come in first place. To think he was only looking for a challenge,but he ended up making a new culture.

Ball is Life

    Ball is life is our main religion here in the NBA. It was founded by Michael Jordan to make us appreciate everything we have because of basketball. In our religion we have pick up games every Sunday. Workout every day to get better at this ancient sport. Lastly we only  healthy to be able to live as long as possible, because our main goal is to match up to MJ's skill. Which has not been yet, but we all believe will happen some day.

Political and Social organization

    Here in the NBA we have a monarchy. We believe the best player gets to be the king  and may choose his queen. Currently the king is King Lebron James. To prove you must play in our most important tournament. The winner of the tournament gets to go against the king himself. If he wins he will become king, but if the challenger loses the king gets to be king for another year.  We believe this is the most efficient goverment to become better at the ancient sport of basketball.


       Here in the NBA we eat exremely healthy food. All of our foods are organic and of the most fresh variety. We have many delicacies.We have all kinds of food for example Mexican, Italian, etc. We do not eat any processed foods here, so our people live for many happy years. This is only one of our many delicacies.

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