By: Taylor Conklin and Blair Van Ess

Population: About 3.4 million people

They border Iraq, Saudi Arabia and The Persian Gulf

Official Language is Arabic but English is also spoken

Capital City: Kuwait City

Population of Kuwait City is about 32,400 people

It's located all the way in the corner of the country bordering the Persian Gulf

One of the  most modernized countries in the world

They are a constitutional monarchy, governed by the al-Sabah family

Grand Mosque

Liberation Tower

Al Hamra Tower

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are the major landmark in Kuwait

They stand at about 480 ft. tall

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the Towers

The big globe is where all the restaurants are and then the smaller globe is a viewing area.

The main sport in Kuwait is football or soccer

They have competed in 8 Asian Cup Competitions

Other Sports Include: Archery, Basketball, Bowling, Ice Skating and Car Racing

Famous foods in Kuwait Include: The Kuwait Cuisine, Kuwaiti Chicken Biryana, Kuwaiti Dill rice

Arabian, Persian, Indian, and Mediterranean dishes

Fish and other seafood make up most of their main meals

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