Polar Bears !!

Life of polar bears...

The polar bear...

It has elongated  body and stylish than other  bears
because of their aquatic habits, but like the other
species. its ride is plantigrade , and paws have five
sharp, curved claws that they use to grip the ice and
catch their prey.

These animals are well adapted to their environment, the soles of the feet are covered with long hairs that provide protection against the cold of the ice, and the front legs also have very wide feet, are lined by a more hard and stiff coat : the use as a paddle to swim better.All polar bears are white, but by the effect of light can aparecier brown, yellow and even light green.
Polar bears feed on fruits, plants, mussels and seaweed, but their favorite prey are seals, although occasionally catch walruses.Polar bears are very robust animals: a male can weigh up to 800 kg, while the average weight of females is 250 kg, and males of 350 kg.The newborn cubs are very small and do not exceed kilogram. His eyes are closed during the first 40 days after birth, they have to drink milk every few hours and the mother usually kept around to provide heat. The males lead a solitary life, roaming and hunting on the ice, except during the mating season in which the hemabras meet in pairs.The breeding season occurs between the months of May and June, and the gestation period lasts about eight or nine months, it appears that there is the phenomenon of delayed implantation, so that the development of the embryo does not begin until the fall.
The female usually gives birth to a single pup, mimetices two.

to get the month of October, take refuge in a den built for herself and hibernates until early March, then, will go outside with her ​​cubs born in December or January. Males and nonpregnant females made ​​no true hibernation, although they may take shelter in their dens if the weather is adverse

This is the way of life of the polar bear!!

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