Kassidy's Personal Values

I value my family.

I value my family and how close we are.

I value my boyfriend.

I value my boyfriend because he helps me make good choices and keeps me smiling.

I value dancing.

I value dance because it keeps my mind clear and helps me relieve stress.

I value my friends.

I value my friends because they make me laugh and are apart of my favorite memories.

I value my puppy.

I've never been so obsessed with a puppy in my life, she's pretty much my daughter. I love my little brat.🐢❀️😍

Munchkin makes me smile and is the best friend I've always wanted in a companion.

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3 years ago

Kassidy, this is amazing! I LOVE your dance photos...I used to dance myself. You clearly labeled five values and provided wonderful examples for each. Great work!