Japanese fashion

Ancient Japanese nobles had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes and jewelry. Nobles loved their outfits very elaborate. nobles loved elegance. Women were long gowns made of 12 layers of silk cleverly to show off many layers at once. To complete their outfits, nobles often carried delicate decorative fans. Japan began to emulate Western fashion during the middle of the 19th century. By the beginning of the 21st century, this emulation has formed streetfashion, a fashion style in which the wearer customizes outfits by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends. Such clothes are generally home-made with the use of material purchased at stores.

This above is an ancient Japanese noble. The Japanese nobles loved beauty and elegance. Many nobles were great supporters of the arts and between 744 and 1185 was a golden age of the arts in Japan.


They were great speakers and writers.writing was a passion to most people especially women.Many women wrote diaries and journals.usually Wrote and Chinese and women usually Wrote and very beautiful handwriting. One of the greatest writers in early Japanese history was Lady Murasaki Shikibu.