A Long Road

For parents with a chronically ill or special needs child

I see you.

I see you at the specialist's office looking hopeful for answers. I see how you try to comfort your child, when really, you need someone to comfort you. You are about to talk to doctors that may, or may not, care. You are going to keep a smile on in front of your child no matter what they say, because you are strong like that. I see you at restaurants, the noises and crowd are too much for your little one. The breakdown begins, and you snap into action. I see you, I know you want to protect them from the stares of people that don't understand. I see you when people ask questions, sometimes it's more than you can bare to repeat bad news over, and over, again. But; you're glad people still care enough to ask. It's always better than no one asking. I see you've lost "fair weather friends". You are no longer as fun as you once were in their eyes. You now have something on your mind always, no matter what else is going on around you. That doesn't make you less fun. It makes you a great parent. I see you have your own breakdown from time-to-time. You have realized this is not a sprint, it's a life-long marathon. When you need a break, please take one. If it's going grocery shopping alone, so be it. It will not only help you, it will help your child too. I see you when people say there is nothing they can say, I can say something: you are amazing, you are strong, you were chosen for your child for a reason, you are doing a great job, people are proud of you, you are loved, you are your child's best advocate, you have got this. And there are always people that understand, seek them out, lean on each other. You've got this. I also see the smile your child gives you. I see how you understand them when sometimes no one else can. I see how happy they are. I see that you get to experience life different now, you get a glimpse of how they see things. You get to notice beauty in things most people pass by because your child has taught you that. I see how blessed you are. Even though it's hard, you wouldn't trade it for anything, because they are worth it all. Know people see you, know they care, don't get lost on it being a marathon instead of a short sprint. Pace yourself, take help along the way, and know people care. Most importantly know, your child thanks you, they might not be able to tell you, but; they thank you.

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