A Day In My Life

On monday night at like 11:34. I saw the snow coming down from out the sky.I was nervous because i really wanted go to school on tuesday.So when i woke up on tuesday it was alot of snow. So then i had a show marathon of my show. Then i just sat down and chilled for the rest of the day.

So basically i really didn't do anything. On tuesday i just layed down. Also i layed back and watched TeenNick on TeenNick i was watching Degrasssi:The Next Generation.  Well i ate some noodles. Also i got the shower and just walked around the house. I sat in my living room silently with the tv off.

Then i went outside on my porch because i was bored. I got a snow and then threw it at somebody's car. Also me and mom went to mc donalds  ate we ate inside