K-12 Mobile Learning Devices

Top 5 Tools used in the Educational Field


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What is it? Edmodo is a social networking site where it can be used for both the students and teachers. You can update assignments, communicate with other students, take quizzes, and much more.

How can it be used? Edmodo can create an opportunity for students to connect with each other as well as the teacher to connect with the students beyond the classroom. It can be used to take surveys, ask questions, take quizzes, have access to extra resources that are applicable to the class and also allows the teacher to monitor student learning.

Froguts Inc.

What is it? Froguts Inc. is an iTunes app that provides a virtual dissection of a frog and allows you to examine all the parts along with their functions.
How can it be used? Froguts Inc. is a great supplement to the actual dissections done in class. Not only would be an alternative for schools that do not have frogs for dissection (due to budget, availability of materials), but it is also a great way for student to interact with material and access it beyond the classroom for review purposes.


What is it? Blackboard provides an interactive teaching and learning mobile tool that is conducive to many mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, iPad).

How can it be used? Blackboard can be used to keep track of the classes students are taking as well has the options of mobile tests, notifications/announcements made by the teacher, grades, discussions, content, blogs/journals, and tasks. It allows for both students and teachers to monitor learning.

Math Elevated

What is it? Elevated Math is an iTunes app that provides instructions for many topics covered in math.

How can it be used? This could be used by students who are struggling with math because it would allow them to practice in a fun, game based mode. Students are more engaged and can learn at their own pace.


What is it? Smart phones can be any mobile phone. They typically are able to connect to the internet and access many resources.

How can it be used? There are several ways smart phones can be used in the classroom. They can be used to take a poll or do a survey. They can also be used to create videos that can allow for active engagement and participation from all students.


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