Zaguri Imperia

Shows:Amit Avisidris

The series begins with the return home of Aviel ( Oz Zehavi ) , third son home of Zagori , who in his youth left the house to boarding school , initiated by the father , Albert ( bar ) Zagori ( Moshe Ivgi ) , and has not visited his parents for 8 years . Aviel , an officer with the rank of captain in the artillery , gets a call from his family, his grandfather is dying and wants to see him . Aviel comes right to the family , and separate from his grandfather for the last time before his death . Family prevented from sitting shiva for the deceased , and according to his will . Consequently imposes aunt meal ( sister of the deceased ) a curse on the entire family . Aviel 's return tearing the house inside and igniting internal war , which became intense as terrifying curse lies with the family by Aunt meal ( Dvora Kedar ) .