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I was born in Fortpayne, Alabama a small little town that not lots of people know about unless they live in it themselves or somewhere near of Fortpayne. Even though I only lived there for 7 years I can still remember every bit of that town. For my spring break I went to Farragut state park, Idaho, Seattle and Tri-cities. Farragut state park was a real breather from breathing polluted air all the time. I am a big nature fanatic, so being  outside walking by rivers on the rocks with nice cool breezes, and walking in the woods listening to birds and nature. I am a nature freak we as in my family and I always go out into forests or anything close to that when ever we get the chance to. At Seattle we didn't really do anything fun, we only went to visit some family at the Seattle children's hospital. More accurately we visited my little 3 year old cousin and Aunt and Uncle. It was great to see them again since it has been a while but it would have been better if it were under different reasons. We as well, went for a walk at a park called  Lynndale park even though we didn't get to walk very far in because it started to rain a few minutes into the walk.  After leaving Seattle a two days later we went straight to Tri-cities, Pasco to be exact  there it is like a small little Mexican town, which is perfect for us since we're Mexican and this way we can interact more with more Mexicans.

Farragut state park, Idaho
Lynndale park-Lynnwood, WA
Tri-cities, WA

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