How's that sound?!

A letter from 1982.

As he was preparing to join us at the Celestial Reunion, Don Hollister found a letter he had written to Dick just after the election in 1982. He delivered it 30 years later, and we thought you might enjoy it as well.

11-5-82 a Thursday

Governor Celeste,

How's that sound?!


For once, most of the names on the ballot that got my X won. .. I felt Tuesday night as if George McGovern had won in 1972, only it took 10 years to count the ballots.

Chester Bowles ... William Sloan Coffin ... Celeste ... What difference will you make? When I came to your office to ask for help against Brown in 1979? (for 1980) I also asked what difference you hoped to make in Ohio over the length of your career. You said that you wanted to help education. I have always been bothered by your answer. You said nothing more, nothing grander. It was either quite profound or quite vague.

I was fishing for an idealistic vision. I prefer to think that you harbor vision in your heart but perhaps don't want to sound too much like a flaky liberal.

In any case, I hope that you do find ways to direct the new legislature, the state bureaucracy, and your eager supporters (myself included) beyond budget crises, party squabbles and even initial reforms.

Could Ohio ever attain the degree of cooperative spirit, tolerance and openness to change that I like to think Wisconsin has? Columbus [does not equal] Madison. Will Dick Celeste be able to help such a shift in Ohio's culture happen?

You seem to have been around the right people — Bowles, Coffin, Dagmar. And I hope that you keep listening to Paul Ryder, Jerry Springer [and] Sherrod Brown. They sure bubble with good ideas.

Best wishes,

Don Hollister

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