Highlights of Seventh Grade


Now that school is basically over, I have some tips and highlights of seventh grade to tell others, making your seventh grade experience better.

10 Best Memories

#10-Gym Class

I enjoyed gym class this year because we played many games. I had gym first mod, so it was a good way to wake up in the morning.


I had fun playing basketball for the middle school. I spent time with my teammates and we had a successful season.

#8- Jokes w/ John in ELA

John filled a great role in our reading class. He brightened our spirits and brought levity when needed. He served as a source of entertainment.

#7- Art w/ Sietz

I loved art class with Mrs. Sietz. She was laid back and cool. We created many projects and had a good time.

#6- Lunch

Even though you don't learn anything at lunch, it still serves a purpose. Lunch is a great way to get your mind off of learning and relax for 20 minutes. We cracked jokes while eating.

#5- Track

Track was a new endeavor. Even though I'm not the fastest runner, I still had fun. It was very social and gave me something to do after school.

#4- Snowboarding

Snowboarding was a new experience for me this year. I had never previously snowboarded. The first few times were difficult and frustrating, but I caught on. Now that I have the hang of it, I am looking forward to next year.

#3- Trip to Arizona for Spring Break

Our vacation to Arizona was a great trip. We went to Phoenix and Sedona. Phoenix was better because there was more to do. We went to Indians' spring training and relaxed at the pool.

#2- Camp

Camp was a great combination of fun and learning by experience. You stayed with your friends for 5 days, fishing, cooking, sitting by the fire, and playing games and sports.

#1- Baseball

So far this year, our team has started off well. We hope to keep that going throughout the year.


HELA was a great class; we learned how to analyze text, write creatively, how to solve a mystery, and what the mono myth was, while mixing in fun. I had a great time with Mrs. Kris. We read Anthem, Uglies, and And Then There Were None in class. I enjoyed ATTWN the most. Hopefully you like distopian fiction because many books and topics we cover relate to this genre. Here are some highlights of this year.

Outsiders' Day

This was a day based off the book, The Outsiders. Everyone dressed as either one gang or the other, the Greasers or Soc's. We played games in reading class and competed against other "gangs."

Anthem Activity

This was a day where our class had to complete tasks. We pretended to be in a collective society. We had to work together to save Mrs. Kris.

Culminating Activity for the Uglies

Our task was to build a museum for the people of our time, who they called the Rusties. The book we read was far in the future, so we made a history museum for everyday objects of the present.

IRP Trailer

For this IRP, we were to create a slideshow video movie trailer of our book. We placed pictures and sentences to describe what happened, while leaving an open ending.


I believe I learned the most in math class this year. Mr. Peterson was a great teacher. Along with the usual CPM Math book daily lessons, we did even more outside of it. Mr. Peterson would go beyond the book to teach us extra information. He really knows what he is doing, so it you have any questions, he can clearly answer them. I enjoyed when we created models of what we were doing.


I covered mostly everything already. Camp is really fun. I loved all of they activities. Even though the food and cabin weren't great, it was still easy to make it through the week. You had the opportunity to try things you wouldn't usually do at home. If there is one rule to live by at camp, it is "Don't be stupid."

Al Le Carte

Tips for Seventh Grade (Especially in Mrs. Kris's Class)

-Stay Organized in your Binder and in your locker

-For each book you will be doing notes/projects for it. Mrs. Kris will let you know what you have to do as you read. Fill out everything as you read, instead of doing it all at the end.

-Concentrate on little details.

-Focus on everything in the novels because it may be on the tests.

-Your novels are read, tested, and discussed in sections. DO NOT read ahead because it may be confusing on what was in each section.

-Don't take study guides/tools for tests for granted.  You still need to study carefully even if they aren't given.

-Take notes and annotations in your book, so when you takes test you don't need to reread the whole section to study.

-Do as much homework as possible in study hall, especially if you have after-school activities.

School Activities and Sports

Now that your in seventh grade you can participate in sports. I recommend doing all activities you enjoy. Activities for your school are more convenient because practices and meets/games are right after school. Also, you get to represent your entire school participating in these activities. These aren't much of a time commitment and you should be able to do both your schoolwork and sports.


As nervous as you are going into seventh grade, everything turns out fine; it isn't as horrible or difficult as you think.

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