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You Know You’re Australian... You say ‘Straya instead of Australia.

1. What is a stereotype? What are two Australian stereotypes that you have learned about and how accurate are they in your opinion?

A stereotype is a generalisation/assumption of an individual or group, usually based on where they come from/live. One Australian stereotype mentions that all Australians have a 'barbie' (barbecue). I'd say this stereotype is quite accurate with roughly more than 60% of the population owning one, however, this wouldn't mean that all the other Australian stereotypes are accurate, for example, "We ride emus and kangaroos to school."

2. How can stereotypes be damaging to a person or group?

Stereotypes can be damaging as they can come off as offensive to others. An outcome of a stereotype may damage an individuals' confidence, self-esteem, social group and mentally put them down (bullying). This is especially because since nowadays most people take everything to offense so easily.

Some negative (damaging) examples of stereotypes are as such as:

  • Racial Backgrounds - "All Asians are smart, geniuses, prodigies even". This stereotype is not entirely accurate as there are people with an Asian heritage who are just averagely smart and nothing more. It hurts their pride when someone would say, 'But I thought you were smart... you're Asian', 'All Asians are smart though, what's wrong with you?'
  • Gender - "You're strong, for a girl. " This stereotype is not true as all different girls possess different strengths. It's offensive and damages their pride & self-esteem. I am certain that there are a number of females in this world that can successfully one-up males.

3. Find examples of three different Australian Accents. Which accent do you feel that you have and why? What does this reveal about you and your background?

LOWER, MIDDLE, HIGH. I believe that I am within the middle range of Australian accents as my pronunciation, slang and tone of voice, all correlates to the 'standard Australian speech'. I have this accent because I've grown around other people who are familiar with it and speak it, and also the fact that it has been learning it in school since kindergarten. However, every now and then groups of ignorant people assume that I have that 'Asian' accent (particularly the Vietnamese accent) since I am of that background. It used to irritate me when they'd try to "speak Asian" to me but overtime I've grown to shake it off!!

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2 years ago

Good work! I like your refection on your own experience of the Australian accent and how sometimes people can be very general in their approach.

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