A tornado is a wind that can destroy so many things it has rain and hail wind speed is 72 it is formed from a cold front.  

This is a picture of a tornado.

Tornado Attacks

In 1974 a school was attacked by a tornado for a while the tornado stopped a school bus was on a school stage and that tornado killed 34 people. In 2011 a tornado killed 553 people.

What to do and Bring in a Tornado Attack

In a tornado you go down in your basement and bring first aid kit just in case water food clothes boots then crawl under a sturdy table or workbench.  Where a helmet. And bend down but your hands on your neck.

Tornado Danger

Tornado's are very strong winds that can kill people and destroy buildings. Tornado's are filled with rain and hail. But tornado's can last about an hour to stop then go to the next place.

A picture of a tornado attacking a farm and a road.

Tornado's in the United States

United States barley get any tornado's just a few. We had one in a 2011 that killed 553 people and destroyed so many homes and buildings.

Tornado Safety Drill  

In school every year we have a tornado drill that keeps us safe just in case it happens at home like a fire drill except that we have to be inside and we have to be out in the halls or in an other room.


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