Max's Personal Values

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Personal Freedom

I value personal freedom- I would rather choose my path than have someone else choose for me-that way I'm not subject to forces mostly out of my control.


I value peace- violence is a crude way of dealing with the world, and one that indicates that you aren't civilized or rational enough to attempt a more peaceful interaction. It's also rather pointless and harmful to all parties involved.


I value happiness- This one's fairly self-explanatory. Everyone should strive to make the most of life, and to be happy. Of course, you shouldn't hurt other people to make yourself happy, but anything else is fine

Education and intellectuality

I value education and intellectuality- the ability to speak precisely is useful, and so is a good repertoire of knowledge. Also, it bothers me when people speak using improper word placement, bad syntax, and/or excessive use of profanities. It's just not the way a civilized people should choose to converse.

Good (but not spectacular) health

I value decent health- it's good to maintain a level of health just to keep you from being unnecessarily hindered(i.e. sick or too weak to do many things), but fitness shouldn't get excessive focus-it distracts from the things that are important in life, like pursuit of happiness, and in the end as a life skill it's not as useful as being able to think clearly and quickly.

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