ScrapesBook 4th and Final Quarter :(

       This past quarter has given me many opportunities to take what I have learned in Honors Environmental Science and put it into action! The first experience I had was planting a tree with the class on my own high school campus. Although it was hard to keep up with the amount of knowledge the professional tree planters had, it was interesting to hear everything they had to say! I was also lucky enough to tag along with Brian to water the tree pretty often, and I will never forget how on our way back to class one day when we were returning the keys to the closet back to Br. Hank and he goes "isn't it exciting that one when your kids attend Marist, or even if you just drive by, that tree will be there bigger than ever and you can tell them how you planted it and left your mark on Marist?" I will never forget those words because although the purpose of the project was to learn more about trees and how to plant them and things of that nature, it was quite inspirational to look at a deeper meaning to the things that we do. I honestly do hope I can show my kids that tree, just another amazing moment at Marist. This past week I have learned from every senior I have talked to not to take things like planting a tree for granted because it is something that we will remember when we look back on Mod G Environmental Science, and I wouldn't want to plant a tree with any other group of people. <3

     Another great experience I got was an opportunity to visit the woods in Palos Heights where I got to net fish in the stream and really come to appreciate the beauty of nature. The first station I went to was the fishing station where me and my peers got to wear boots up to our knees and try and catch stream critters with nets! At first I was a little skeptical, but once I got my hands a little dirty there was no turning back, someone in my group even found a pregnant crab, talk about adventure! Besides fishing for critters, I also experienced a beautiful sense of serenity in the forest, and it was beautiful. The activities Mrs. Coy gave us really helped me to capture and take in the smell, sounds, and feeling of nature. The walk and exploration has inspired me to take more time out of my schedule to just go for walks in the forest and take in the beauty that God has created, and seeing this beauty has also motivated me to want to preserve it even more! I enjoyed this experience so much and am very appreciative that Mrs. Coy gave us the opportunity to explore the wilderness! Thanks for a great year Mrs. Coy, I will come back and visit next year!!

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2 years ago

Awww, thanks Alyssa! I'm glad you enjoyed the experiences and took to heart what BR. Hank told you! Thank YOU for a great year. 50/50