Texas Oil Project

How oil became so popular

Oil is a big money making job

What happened on Spindletop

Spindletop was the first place where Texas got oil. The gusher of oil reached up to 150 feet high and spilled over 100,00 barrels of oil.the gusher of oil was more powerful than anything previously in the world. many major oil industries grew on spindle top which lead to great amounts of money. the oil that was found were used my many oil companies. Spindletop became popular.

The famous gusher!

Texas State Economy

When oil was found on spindle top, the petroleum amount grew. Sice it grew the prices dropped because they had too much oil. Buyers bought the oil with cheap prices. Soon, people started using oil to make other products or create cars that run on oil. Soon oil prices increased since many people wanted to but more oil.

All made by oil

Oil Effecting the World

Oil effected the world by helping the USA economy. The United states got more money from the world by selling oil and other oil products. Dice oil was being sold all around the world, most of the worlds dominant resource was oil by the end of the 19th century.

Oil amounts in the next years around the world

Oil Effecting Education

When oil companies were selling their oil, they gave most of their money to colleges in Texas to help provide learning tools, recruit football teams, and to help build a good and safe community. Most I the money was going to Texas A and M. Soon the education in Texas grew thanks to the colleges.

Money from oil on Spindletop goes to colleges

What is Oil used to make Today

oil can be used to make a lot of things today. for instance, you may see stuff like: ink, vitamin capsules, soap, shoes, wheels, glasses, dresses, clothes, TV shelves, and footballs. Some stuff that you might think is gross now that you know they are made of oil are: vitamin capsules, perfume, and soap.

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