Marley And Me
By John Grogan


As kids both John and Jenny had really calm dogs that were no big deal to take of and low maintenance. After they got married they thought to get a dog before they had any kids, they got a yellow lab that they could instantly see that he was nothing like what they had as kids. He was a huge handful of crazy! Marley, the dog, was a loyal to both of his parents and when they had kids was very loyal to them. He was a dog no one one would ask for bt after they go to love him, they wouldn't ask for any other dog in the world.

John Grogan

John Grogan, Marley's master and best friend

Jenny Grogan

Jenny Grogan, Marley's mom and sometimes worst enemy.

Marley Grogan

Marley the dog.


Marley destroyed everything that he looked at, he also had a lot of phobias and was a complete mess when he was scared of something like thunder.  After Jenny had her second baby she had really bad postpartum depression, and was ready to get ready of Marley because he was a wreaking ball. Jenny made John try to get rid of him, and he was trying but it is hard to get someone to want a 2 year old crazy, huge yellow lab. He made it his mission to break Marley of his bad habits, like jumping on everyone when they came to the door.


One morning Jenny got over her depression and started to love him like her kid agian. Marley also began to calm down as he got older.

West Palm Beach, Florida



The theme of the book is that a dog will do anything for you if you give them your heart.

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