Carebear Crossed Lovers

Exam week had come once again and it was obvious throughout the campus. All the libraries were packed, the coffee shops bustled, and the dormitories had an uncanny silence about them. It seems every student was partaking in the infamous college activity of cramming, and Jenny was no exception. This was her last exam of her college career and she was determined to leave on the Dean’s List for the first time. Jenny had been up all day studying her carefully written notes, giant books, and infinite online sources preparing for the next morning. Satisfied with her day’s work, she settled down to get some sleep before the big day.

“Jenny, wake up!”, a voice echoed off the bare walls of the room.

Jenny sat up quickly startled by the rude awakening. She glanced at the fluorescent lit alarm clock that was sitting on the nightstand at the end of her tiny bed. However, there was something blocking her view.

“Jenny, are you awake?”, the voice repeated again.

A wave of sunlight peaked through the curtains and hit the mysterious figure that was resting by her feet. Sitting there was her cherished childhood toy, Funshine Bear.

Jenny mumbled to herself, “I thought I left you with Mom and Dad back home”, and carelessly tossed the bear out of the way of the clock onto the floor.

“Hey, that hurt!”, yelled the bear.

Jenny jumped out of her bed and screamed with terror. She fumbled through all her papers that she had left abandoned on her desk the night before for her phone to call for help. Before she could retrieve her phone, Funshine Bear appeared in the chair next to her.

“Looking for this?”, the stuffed animal held up the cell phone in a taunting manner like a child would tease a dog with a bone. Funshine bear continued, “Just listen to me for a second, please. Carebear Land is in trouble and we need your help. Chewbacca and his other wookie pals are attacking poor helpless citizens.”

Jenny’s voice trembled as she pieced together her few words, “Is this real? Are you real? I am going to miss my exams. I have to go.” She grabbed her coat out of the closet and briskly walked to the door.

Jenny threw open the door revealing a world like no other. She vividly remembered the Carebear inhabited land from her childhood. Miles of rainbows stretched throughout the area all supported by their own voluptuous clouds. Something was however unenchanting about the scene. It was silent throughout The Land of Caring. Not a single bear dared to leave hiding in fear of the wookiees hunting them down. Overtaken with nostalgia, Jenny made the decision to help out her old companions.

Jenny and Funshine bear ventured into the town square only to find it overriden with wookiees. The big fuzzy beasts roamed the streets in small huddles that seemingly moved in waves across the rainbow lined streets. It appeared that there was no easy way for the duo to make their way into the secret emergency shelter where all the bears were secluded. Jenny developed a plan.

“Funshine, I need you to go distract the wookiees. If they see a Care Bear it will shift their attention to you,” Jenny said.

“I can’t do that they will kill me!” exclaimed Funshine.

Jenny retorted, “Trust me I will protect you. Just get out there cause a scene.” She shooed the bear along and watched from behind a large multicolored tree waiting for her chance to put the plan in action.

Funshine approached the wookies with great caution and precision. Almost immediately, she was detected by the creatures. They formed a circle to surround Funshine which prevented her to have any movements. The wall of barbarian monsters around her sent shiver down her spine. She knew this was the end for her.

Suddenly a loud whistle came from across the square. The curious wookiees went to investigate what had caused the sound. Funshine bear spotted Jenny in a tree close to the hideout and joined her at the top when the coast was clear.

“Wow that was a close one,” said Funshine as they climbed into the chamber. It was dark and depressing in the underground hideout. Inside the winding halls, Funshine and Jenny could not find their way to the other bears. After what seemed like hours of navigating, they finally found their way into the room where everyone else was hiding. The figures almost unrecognizable due to the dim lighting provided by the few candles on the walls where huddled in the corner of the room.

“What are you going to do to save us?” asked a high pitched voice from the pile of bears.

“I have an idea. I’m just going to need your guys help,” responded Jenny.

Jenny explained the plan to the bears in great detail being careful not to leave a single thing out. Everyone was assigned a job, a place to be, and a thing to do in order to defeat the enemy. The rest of the night was spent preparing for the battle about to take place in the Kingdom of Caring.

At the first sight of the sun, the Care Bears took their positions. Cheer Bear dropped a beat and all at once the bears started their carefully planned dance routine that they had worked on all night. The wookies stared in amazement while the small group of bears gave all they had and shook what their mommas gave them.

While the dance took place, Jenny and Funshine Bear snuck into the main control area of the wookiees. The room resembled something that you would see on Star Wars. Brightly lit control panels lined the tables, surveillance screens were set up on every wall, and in the middle was a huge chair. Before they could take a step into the room the chair in the middle swung around to reveal the head of the wookiee takeover himself, Chewbacca.

Chewbacca and Jenny made eye contact and instantly she was in love. Jenny was not sure what was so attractive about him. Maybe it was his flowing brown locks, or maybe it was the dark brown eyes that a person could get lost in. Jenny wanted to get to know Chewbacca, but she knew time was ticking. The dance battle outside would not last much longer before the Care Bears began to get tired.

With the help of Funshine Bear, Jenny managed to drag Chewbacca outside to witness the battle taking place first hand. It was the wookiees turn to dance and they spared nothing. The creatures danced circles around the Care Bears. They even threw in a few flips to tie the routine together. Jenny had a deep feeling that her plan was not enough to win back The Kingdom of Caring.

The final round had finally arrived and the tensions were high. Both sides were determined to come out the victors, but only one team could win. Even with all this action, the only thing that Jenny could think of was Chewbacca. She watched him observe the battle with disapproval and disgust. Jenny made a beeline to join him in watching the results.

“Hi, my name is Jenny,” she said while extending her hand for a shake. Chewbacca ignored her gesture and continued to focus on the battle. Discouraged Jenny began to walk away, but a plan to end it all popped into her head. It was a bold move but she knew it would work.

Jenny swiftly turned around and walked back to Chewbacca. He still ignored her presence, but Jenny did not mind. She moved into his line of sight and grabbed the back of his head. Chewbacca began to yell in inaudible wookiee language with terror which stopped the dance battle and directed all the attention toward him. Then, Jenny kissed Chewbacca right in front of all the other wookiees. All of the beasts began to yell like Chewbacca had and board their spaceship.

“What just happened?”, yelled Funshine to Jenny while they watched every last wookiee, including Chewbacca, trample each other to get back on the spaceship.

“Since they were trying to take over and destroy The Kingdom of Caring, I suspected wookiees are not found of love and affection, so that is exactly what I gave them,” responded Jenny with a smirk. She had never been more proud of herself then she was at this moment for saving her childhood buddies.

Suddenly, an alarm began to buzz. Jenny slowly opened her eyes to see that she was back in her dorm room. She gently sat up and stared at the slobber covered papers that were sprawled out on her desk. Jenny glanced at the half drank cold cup of coffee in her hand and murmured to herself, “I am never ever having caffeine again.”

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