'Skin as white as snow , lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony.'

Initial mood imagery board for my current design project.

The project will be based on The Brothers Grimm version of the German fairy tale

Snow White, illustrated by Franz Jüttner

Monday 9th February

Today I began researching for my design project Snow white. Mostly gathering mood imagery that will influence my design development and help with the character analysis' I am to write.
I Feel positive about this project, happy to be working in a sketchbook again and able to produce my own design, as the previous two projects have been produced from existing illustrations and photographs.

The project will in keep with the Medieval illustrations of the book, and my designs will incorporate the main symbolisms and themes suggested throughout the story.
I will also emphasise and exaggerate the forest element of the story throughout the characters costumes also.

The characters i will design for are:

- Snow white
- Wicked Queen (stepmother)
- Stepmother as an old peddler
- Dwarf
- Prince
- Huntsman

17th March
Recently i have been collecting research for this project, focusing on the design concept and producing character analysis' of each character i am to design for.
This week i'll be designing for the main character snow white, in order to begin constructing the costume at the start of April.

The action of the play is driven by two main themes. The first is having the lack of confidence to make decisions alone and the search for direction. The second is the process of Snow White maturing into womanhood and the consequences of not completing this passage which her stepmother represents. The different stages of the development are portrayed by the main characters, Snow White and her stepmother. This difference establishes conflict between them, and for the stepmother creates competition which continues to build momentum throughout the plot. The competition drives Snow White from her home forcing her to think for herself which she cannot achieve, this pressures her into finding an alternate authoritative figure to take direction from. The story also progresses as she develops from a child into womanhood.

Production Objectives
The productions main theme is the idea of femininity and the difference in how it’s both portrayed and perceived. To show the contrast of these perspectives the production will have a familiar fairytale aesthetic. A contemporary approach will also be used to achieve this allowing for contrary designs which suit the plot, and increase its appeal to a modern audience. Coinciding with the illustration in the book, a medieval style will influence the design and this will be the basis of the entire production as the gender roles and prejudices of the period fit in well with the content of the story.

The next step was to analyse the characters, reflect on the mood images i had sourced and begin designing.

I found this part difficult as i am not a keen designer, i feel my strengths lie more in the construction side of costume. I knew i wanted to make the main character Snow white and for the costume to look simple, yet effective and incorporate the textile elements.

I focussed on the medieval theme and the purity and innocence of snow whites character and soon came up with some illustrations.

Final Design

Construction Process

i Began my creating a toile of the bodice on the stand, i did not use a pattern for this i just used my design, research and pattern cutting knowledge.

I cut the bodice in cotton drill and fitted the toile on the model, i had to take the bodice in at the top and out at the hips.

i then flat pattern drafted the skirt and ordered all the other fabrics i needed.
I chose a satin viscose fabric for the under skirt and bodice as i knew it would dye well. The fabric was dyed a beige/cream colour.

I tea stained the outer skirt (lace) as the dyeing samples i produced were not successful, as the crochet lace is synthetic, i assume. I tried procion and dylon dyes, however they did not take. Drying 8 metres of lace was quite a challenge in itself, so heavy!

I cut the skirt in lace and the dip dye light to dark samples i had produced had proved effective so i used the same process on the skirt.

I decided to screen print a celtic design onto the front and back of the bodice, however i did not think it looked good enough, i felt the bodice needed more, so i edged the gold metallic screen print in embroidery using a back stitch.

Comment Stream

3 years ago

How exciting! Can't wait to see more..

3 years ago

discuss who you are planning to design this piece for . Who is your audience ?

3 years ago

This project can relate to most, as Snow White is a widely recognised fairytale. Most know Snow white as a beautiful, innocent young girl with no real female role model in her life, as her mother dies early in the story and her stepmother is corrupt, trying to have others assassinate her before trying herself, all for her own personal gain.
My designs will in keep with the dark nature of the fairytale, and convey the stories main messages:
Prejudices, judging people on their appearance and personality.
Fearing change, accepting changes you have to make within your life.
selfish desire and vanity can be dangerous and destructive, appreciating ones self.
All of the above messages are apparent through the fairytale and I feel that everybody can relate in different ways, the story can apply to various situations through life.
The costume I will produce will be suitable for film, therefore the audience will be those interested in Classic Fantasy, Historical (medieval costume influence) enchanted, modern reproductions genre of film.