Session 1

In session 1 we completed a assessment to see our health habits. We also learned about the structures of the immune system and how it works. We learned what types of blood cells there are and what they do.

Session 2

In session 2 we learned how to differentiate between antibodies and antigens. We also got a full explanation of how and what a community immunity is. We also learned how the community immunity stops the spread of diseases.

Session 3

In session 3 we leaned how to use a microscope properly. Along with using the microscope we learned how to keep proper care of one. When we were using the microscope we learned how to take a micro graph. We also looked at different types of microscopes.

Session 4

In session 4 we learned and classified different bacteria's. We classified them by the shape in which they were. We also took micro graphs of them to help classify them.

Session 5

In session 5 we compared the cell sizes of a human, bacteria, and a virus. We also differentiated between a lytic and lysogenic virus. We labeled different parts in a micro graph of an influenza virus. We also researched the prevention and cures for a viral disease.

Session 6

In session 6 we learned how fungi and protists can be pathogenic. We also learned about some ways to treat fungal and protist diseases. We also micrographed a pathogenic protist and fungus using the Applied Vision Software.

session 7

In session 7 we learned of different good things and bad things by exposure to sunlight. We also developed a personal health plan to boost our immune systems. We also differentiated between autoimmune disorders and immunodeficiency disorders.

Immunology Career

One job in the immunology career path is a microbiologist. A microbiologist studies the organisms that cause us, humans, infectious diseases such as malaria. They study these organisms on the molecular and cellular level to better understand them. This career has to do with immunology because they don't just study them, they figure out ways to prevent them from causing and spreading diseases. They also figure out ways to eradicate the disease or sickness.

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