Mobile Learning Apps for the K-12 Classroom

Below are 5 different mobile apps that support student learning, as well as examples of how they can be used in the classroom.


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#444444">VideoThread is an interactive web based application that enables users to upload and share images,

#444444">videos, or documents. VoiceThread allows both the creators and other viewers to add voice, text,

#444444">audio file, or video comments to the artifacts. It can be used as a expository tool, communication

#444444">tool and even an assessment tool. VoiceTread has privacy controls, so that creators can choose

#444444">whether their VoiceThread is available to the public.

#444444; min-height: 17.0px">Use in the Classroom: VoiceThread gives students the opportunity for self expression and

#444444; min-height: 17.0px">creativity. It can be used in a classroom setting to create multimedia presentations for a variety of

#444444; min-height: 17.0px">subjects and topics. For example, in a social studies class students can analyze and comment upon

#444444; min-height: 17.0px">a historically significant event, such as the French Revolution or Renaissance. Students can also use

#444444; min-height: 17.0px">this tool to add and reflect on their own pieces of school work.

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Evernote is a cloud based software service designed for creating, organizing and storing various

pieces of media. It has become the ultimate note taking and archiving tool. Evernote automatically

syncs everything between your devices when you upload new material or make changes to your

notes or files. It support a number of operating systems such as Chrome OS, Android, Microsoft

Windows, Blackberry and iOS.

Use in the Classroom: Evernote can be used in during a math lesson, as a way for students to

reflect upon and document their work. For example, as students work through math problems, they

can periodically snap pictures of their work to drop into their Evernote math notebook. As a follow

up assignment, student can then type short explanations or reflections of the problem solving

process that they used for each problem. Students can also integrate tagging within their notes, such

as their chapter, concept or level of understanding.



ArtStudio is a comprehensive sketching, painting and photo editing tool designed by apple. It

allows users to create works of art with ease and efficiency because of its user friendly interface

and new graphics engine.

Use in the Classroom: ArtStudio can be used for a variety of classroom activities, especially in the

subject area of Art. Mobile applications are another means for which students can express their

creativity. Instead of using traditional art tools, such as pencils and paint, ArtStudio is a new and

more efficient way to complete Art assignments. Students can use ArtStudio for a number of

assignments including, drawing their own creations, replicating favorite art pieces and animation art

to name a few.

#eb3a78">ITooch 6th Grade Math


ITooch is a fun and creative way for grade six students to practice and learning math. ITooch

provides over a thousand great math activities through a clear, simple and engaging interface. it

also provide comprehensive learning solutions which help teachers, students and parents to identify

and address learning needs in a motivating way. Lesson summaries are attached to each chapter,

which makes this a great review tool for assignments and exams.

Use in the Classroom: ITooch can be used in the classroom and at home, as a way for students to

practice and improve their math abilities. ITooch can be used after a lesson or during free time for

students to review what they had just learned. ITooch can also be incorporated into a lesson, as a

fun way for students to practice questions and as a way to break up the lecture, so class is more

engaging. Students can work through the ITooch activities in partners, individual or as a class.



PicCollage allows for the creation of collages using your photos and a variety of stickers, text and  

frames. Although it is a fun app for today’s youth, PicCollage is a great way to document learning

in the classroom. PicCollage is a very simple tool to use, with photo selection from your own

library and networks, flexible layouts, customizable backgrounds and various special effects.

PicCollage uses simple touch gestures. It has a school setting feature that allow you to disable

photos from the web and all social features such as the Explore and Profile tabs.

Use in the Classroom: PicCollage can be used in the classroom in a variety of creative ways. For

example, during a class field trip to Drumheller students can take pictures of the fossils and artifacts

they get to see, the outside environment, the museum and the activities they participated in. Once

they are back at the school the students can create a collage to document their experiences,

including their favorite activities and pictures. The collage can have a theme or just be a mix of the

various pictures taken. Students can then write about their field trip experience, reflecting on what

they learned, and giving reasons for why they chosen to capture and include certain pictures in

their collages.

Below are tutorial videos for each of the above apps.

Pic Collage




ITooch 6th Grade math

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