Drug Terms

Learn About negative drug terms.

The first term is Drug Misuse. This is only taking drugs  when not needed like using it more then prescribed by the doctor. This is a small addiction that can lead to a drug abuse if it happens to much.

The next term is Drug Abuse.This caused be the drug misuse not being effective so you need to take huge unneeded dosages. This is where you take illegal drugs.

The next term is withdrawal. This is caused by stopping the drug. They are affects like headaches, chills, and nausea.

The next term is Addiction . This is where you can't control yourself and try to use the drugs at every chance.

The next term is physical dependency. This is where your body needs and starts to rely on the drug.

The next term is physiological dependency. This is where your mind tells you you need the drug and tries to get your body to get it. If you don't your body goes through "withdraws".

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