Civilian Space Travel

NASA and other space organizations might decide to send regular civilians up into space. But why? I strongly disagree with this idea. The training may take a very long time and cost millions of dollars. It also would be unfair to astronauts because they have been training and learning their entire life. Lastly if civilians went up into space, there will be no research done and it could be dangerous.

Civilians would first have to undergo all the training if they were to go into space. The training takes a long time. Civilians these days may become tired, or bored and want to stop. They might just want to see the beautiful scenery from outer space.  If they stopped training, all money that the people and also the organization would be wasted. If this happened to much, the organization could soon be in debt and close up.

Astronauts have trained their whole lives for an opportunity to research and travel in space. Civilians can not come and take over with little training just because they have loads of money. Astronauts studied all about it in college and with continued education. Civilians would not know the important information about space and all the controls on the ship. To study something your whole life and then to be unable to make use of it would be a waste of time, money, and also would be unfair.

Scientists and astronauts travel to space to research about our galaxy and repair damages in space. If regular civilians travel to space research and repair wound not be completed. We wound not know then about our solar system and or things may not be completed so things may come crashing down to earth and harm people. Space travel is a once in a life time opportunity, but it would not be safe for regular humans. If there was an emergency, they might be unable to handle them.

In conclusion, civilians should not be able to travel into space. Again, training would take too long and cost too much. It would not be fair to astronauts, and research and repair would not be completed if civilians were aloud to travel into the vast area of space.

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