Calion Phan

Period 2

Stuart Franklin - June 5th, 1989 - Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

This photograph depicts a student attempting to stop a fleet of tanks from stopping the protests. This is extremely significant, especially for the Chinese citizens, because it shows that they have potential to organize and defy their government.

Terrill Jones - June 5, 1989 - Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

This is the same scene as the previous photo, however from a different perspective. This angle adds more danger and panic to the situation, as it shows the other students running. The angle also shows the comparison of size between "Tank Man" and the tanks themselves, making the tanks more intimidating and burly. This is an important photo because it adds aspects of defenselessness.

Malcome Brown/AP - 1963 - Saigon, Vietnam

This is a photo of a Buddhist monk protesting the persecution of Buddhism by sitting down and burning himself alive. This is iconic because it reveals that there is a price for everything. Monks are known to be peaceful people, and when their peace is disturbed, they will gain it back, even if it costs a life.

Malcome Brown/AP - 1963 - Saigon, Vietnam

This photo was taken just minutes before the previous. It depicts another monk dousing his peer in gasoline. This is important in itself, because it shows the vulnerability of the monk, unseen in the more notorious version of this photo. This proves that behind every iconic photograph, there is setup.

Marc Riboud - October 21, 1967 - Washington D.C.

This is another powerful photograph that shows protest for peace. It shows Jan Rose Kasmir, a young American girl, protesting the Vietnam War by holding a daisy and glaring at the bayonet-wielding soldiers. This photo is known to be the starter of the "Flower Power" movement. The title is "La Jeune Fille a la Fleur," meaning "The Flower Girl." This gives people hope that world peace can be achieved.

Gerald Waller - 1946 - Austria

This is a photo of a young orphan boy who receives a new pair of shoes and is overwhelmed with emotion by this gift. This photo is important because it makes the viewers realize how much they take things for granted and that they should start appreciating little things a lot more.

Buzz Aldrin/NASA - July 20, 1969 - The Moon

This is the very first footprint ever made by man on the moon. This is an extremely significant photo because this is a big milestone in space exploration progress. Having a human on the moon was a joke before the 1960's, but now it is a reality. Never before had we been this close to reaching outer space, the mysterious and unexplored land.

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit - May 19, 2005 - Mars

This photo shows the sun setting, but it's not just any sunset. This is taken from the surface of Mars, our planetary neighbor. This photo makes us connect more with Mars, because we realize that it has the same sunset that we do. Mars is one of the countless mysteries of space, but this photo brings viewers closer to it.

Unknown - Mt. Wilson Observatory, CA - 1937

This is an important photograph because it shows Edwin Hubble, a very famous scientist at work. It is argued to be the "greatest photo ever made of an astronomer in action". Space is a very large subject that is currently expanding, and space exploration technology is still under heavy development. Though this photo is over 70 years old, Hubble's discoveries have changed our discoveries to this day.

Oscar Graubner - May 1934 - New York, NY

This photograph shows Margaret Bourke-White atop the Chrysler building, which was the world's tallest building at the time. She is shown setting up a shot of the city on her camera, about to create what would be one of her many iconic photos. She is known to be a life photographer, and New York City is definitely alive. Photographers at work is something worth seeing.

Claude P. Dettloff - October 1, 1940 - British Columbia

This photograph shows the effects of World War II. Not only were the soldiers suffering from having to leave their families, their loved ones were mourning for their losses. This shot of a young child chasing after his father is both heart-wrenching and angering, because it makes you question what the cost of world peace is.

Steve McCurry - December 1984 - Refugee camp in Pakistan

And for the grande finale, a classic photo. This is a photograph of a young girl taken in 1984, during a time of hardship and poverty. The portrait of this girl changed the world, not only because of her piercing eyes but also what she represented. Her ripped and dirty clothes show poverty, her hardened facial expression shows strain. This photo is called the, "First World's Third World Mona Lisa" because of the curiosity it strikes into people.

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