Flight Technology

By: Breyonie Montgomery

Session 1

In session 1 of flight technology we talked about the airplanes wings and how its goes up and what makes it goes up. Also how the airplane goes down and what makes it goes down.

Session 2

In session 2 of flight technology we had to draw any kind of airplane wings and once we had the one drawing we liked we had to cut it. After you cut it out you had to trace 10 more because you need 11 wings to make one big wing.

Session 3

In session 3 of Flight Technology we had to use our small wings, scissors, tape, glue, colored paper, and the wing cached. We used the colored paper to make the big wing and bend it into 1/4 and put it against the wing thingy and out a piece of paper and put glue on it and used it to put a tap of glue on the wings, put them through the slots in the wing thingy and let them dry. Then put a piece of tape on the top of the small wings and then put the top of the paper on top and taped it together.

Session 4

In Session 4 Of Flight Technology we had to use our wings that we made in session 3 to test the amount of wind flowing over my wing. We used the Wing Tester to find the amount of wing we can find in our wing.

Session 5

In Session 5 of Flight Technology we explore the basic controls on Cessna and flied a Cessna using simulation software. We talked about the wings of a airplane and what they do to keep the airplane in the air.

Session 6

In session 6 of Flight Technology we perform some basic flight maneuvers using the Flight Simulator software. WE talked more about what we should watch when we are using the software.

Session 7

In session 7 of Flight Technology we used the navigation plotter to determine the direction of flight being planned. Use the Flight Simulator software to test the accuracy of one of my calculation.
We followed everything the person said to do.

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