Alice Walker

By: Destiny Shantel Riggins

Important Things To Know About Alice Waler

There were many movements that made a major difference in several people's lives. These movements had a great effect on Alice Walker's life. Alice Walker was a woman who was involved in some of these movements that included fighting for African American women's rights. These movements have created a big impact in the world today.

One of the movements Alice Walker participated in was called Womanism. Womanism was a movement that honored black women's experiences and strengths .Alice Walker was a womanist who loved women and was thankful for women's culture and power. Womanism is very unique in different ways in that it doesn't necessarily infer any stand point politically or value system other than crediting African American women's accomplishments. Womanism recognized and honored women for what they've experienced and overcome.

Alice Walker was also a part of the movement named Black Feminism .Black Feminism was a movement that discussed sexism, class oppression, and racism were inextricably coming together as a whole. She was a womanist that pointed out black women's achievements that is more intensive type of oppression than a white woman. Alice Walker's womanism was one of the theories that was involved in the Black Feminism Movement. Black Feminism was a program or movement that didn't discriminate people of their characteristics .

Black Arts Movement was another movement that Alice Walker was involved in that made a huge difference. The Black Arts Movement inspired numerous black people to produce their own magazines, journals ,and art institutions .This movement was considered as one the most controversial or important moment in the history of African American Studies programs with the universities and it triggered by the assassination of Malcolm X. The Black Arts Movement was very important in black history.

Alice Walker was involved in numerous movements that were very controversial in creating a huge impact in African American history. Alice Walker was a womanist that honored women and was an inspiration to a lot of people. These movements recognized people for their accomplishments, experiences , and their power. The movements were very successful in creating a change. Alice Walker participated in many associations or movements that made a huge difference and created a big impact in the world today.